The Miranda Rights Are Your Rights

Santa Ana Bail Bonds ServiceYou probably have heard and seen on television cops say to the people they are arresting, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you…” You probably though, have never learned about the significance of this phrase, and what it means to anyone who is arrested.

Before the Miranda Rights, as they are called, was established, police could draw a confession out of a suspect using intimidating, threatening, and coercive methods. Suspects would fear the police so much, or just want to get them to stop torturing them during questioning that they could give in and admit guilt. The problem was that there were innocent suspects admitting guilt, leading to a problematic trial and undeserved consequences. The other problem: the suspects did not know they did not have to answer any questions and that they could request to have a lawyer.

Finally in 1966, the Miranda v. Arizona case led to the introduction of the Miranda Rights, that all suspects be informed of their rights when they are arrested. During this case, the suspect, Ernesto Miranda, confessed to crimes under coercive and intimidating interrogations.

If you are ever arrested, you will have the right to remain silent and to request a lawyer. The police will not be able to question you until the lawyer arrives.

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