Let’s Work Together To Bail Out Your Friend In Time For Labor Day Weekend

Buena-Park-Bail-BondsGet the whole crew together for Labor Day Weekend! Don’t make your friend sit in jail while the rest of you are out beaching, barbecuing, and boozing. You know the weekend will be ten times more fun if everyone was there. If your friend is having trouble posting bail by him or herself, why not pitch in? That’s what great friends are all about, anyway.

Luckily, at Santa Ana Bail Bonds, we offer low monthly payment plans to pay off the bail bond. This means that your friend and whoever else may be financially responsible, do not need to pay for the bond in one payment before the jail release. There is no down so we just need to fill out paperwork and get it processed. As long as the monthly payments are met until the 10% premium is paid off, we’re good, and you’re good!

A bail bond is much easier to pay than paying the whole bail amount in cash to the court in one huge payment. Pitch in for your friend now and in the future, he or she will repay you back, or “owe you” in some other big way.

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