How Much Does Bail Cost & How Do I Post Bail?

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  • What’s better; a bail agent or a bail bondsman?
    These two titles may sound different but they really mean the same thing. A bail agent is a bail bondsman and vice versa.
  • How much does a bail bond cost?
    Pricing is dependent on the amount of the bail. In California, bail bonds companies charge 10% of the bail price. If your loved one’s bail is $10,000, then it will cost $1,000 to bail him out using a bail bonds company.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes. At Los Angeles Bail Bond Store we can offer a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond if a co-signer is a member of the military, AARP, is a homeowner, or if the client has a private attorney. With this discount, instead of paying $1,000 for the same bond, you only have to pay $800.
  • What is a co-signer?
    A co-signer is anyone who is willing to sign for your loved one’s release. The signer is promising that all the money will be paid and that their loved one will go to all of their court dates. A co-signer takes responsibility for their loved one.
  • How do I make payments?
    We accept a number of different payment methods at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards. We also have the ability to accept payments online, over the phone, or in person at an office.
  • How much do I have to pay?
    Again, cost depends on the price of the bail itself. Initially you need to pay 10% of the bail. Depending on your information, we may be able to offer discounts.
  • With interest, how much do I have to pay?
    At Los Angeles Bail Bond Store we do not charge interest, you only have to pay the 10%.
  • How much do I have to put up front?
    Again, pricing varies from case to case and depends vastly on the people who are co-signing the bail bond.
  • How long does it take for my loved one to be released?
    After the initial payment has been received, your loved one can be out in as little as two hours. However, the time varies from county to county. Time can vary anywhere from 2 hours to several, depending on the current workload of the jail.
  • Can you see if I have a warrant?
    Yes, we can. If you think there might be a warrant out for your arrest, just call Los Angeles Bail Bond Store and we will see if you do indeed have a warrant.
  • Who can bail out my friend?
    Anyone who cares about your friend can bail him or her out of jail. You do not have to be related to someone to bail him or her out of jail.
  • Can you bail my friend in Nevada out of jail?
    No. At Los Angeles Bail Bond Store we are only licensed to bail people out of jail in California. If you want to bail someone out of jail in a state other than California, you will need to contact a bail agent in that state.
  • Do you do immigration bonds?
    No. There are companies that specialize in those kinds of bonds.
  • What happens if I do not bail out my friend or family member?
    Your loved one stays in jail until he is either found innocent and released or found guilty and sentenced. Until then your loved one has to go to all court appearances in an orange jumpsuit which does not look good to the court.
  • If I cannot bail somebody out immediately, up to how many days do I have to be able to bail them out of jail?
    There is no time limit to bailing a friend or family member out of jail. Your loved one can be bailed out of jail until he or she has been sentenced.
  • Do I need to give collateral?
    Most bonds at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store do not need collateral. We use your signature as collateral in most cases. However, for larger bails, starting around $100,000, you may need to put down something as collateral. This varies from case to case and depends greatly on the co-signers.
  • What happens if I miss a payment?
    If you happen to miss a payment, it is not a huge deal. If you know in advance that you are going to be late on a payment, let us know. We know that life can be difficult at times and that things that were certain a few months ago, might have changed. If your budget has changed, we can work with you on payment and even readjust your payment plan to fit your budget better.
  • Can you tell me what my friend or family member was arrested for?
    Yes, we can. Just give us your friend or family member’s name, birthday, and the county where he or she was arrested. We use that information to find your loved one in the county system and to answer any of your questions.
    Do I have to wait to finish making my final payment before I can be bailed out again?
    No. We can even adjust the payments on your first bail bond to make it easier on you to pay for both of them.
  • If I get approved, how much time do I have to make the first payment?
    It depends on your individual situation. We customize our payment plans to work with your budget and situation. We can even get you a 0 down bail bonds payment plan based on your situation.
  • Will I receive a statement every month?
  • What is collateral?
    Collateral is something of equal value to the bail bond that the co-signer puts up to cover the bond. If the client fails to pay for the bail bond, then the company takes whatever was put up as collateral.
  • Can I use a payment plan to pay for the bail bond?
    Yes. We create payment plans for all of our clients to help make paying for the bail bond easier. We will work with you to create a customized payment plan that fits into your personal budget. The payments will break up the large cost of the bail bond into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.

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Arrest Situations For Immigrants

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If you know someone who is an immigrant to the United States and has just been arrested, know that they do face a tough situation, but they are not completely defeated. Here’s what you should know:

They have the right to a lawyer, and that lawyer does not have to be government-provided. They can have a private attorney represent them, and if you are willing, you can help them find a good private lawyer.

They can inform their consulate of their arrest, so they are aware of the situation and can help mediate.

They have the right to remain silent. They should not discuss their immigration status unless their lawyer is present.

They may have the right to post bail with an immigration bail bond, which you can get more information about by chatting with a representative from Huntington Beach Bail Bond Store online or on the phone – call 714-648-0586.

Even If You’re Innocent, Don’t Resist Arrest

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Human error is not a stranger in the justice system, unfortunately. But that is not just one person’s fault, right. Many people are involved and situations get very complex and complicated. Some people lie. Some evidence is missed and lead to a different outcome. Some people are wrongly arrested.

If you believe you are wrongfully being arrested, it is important to know that you should still not resist the police. It may be proven later on that yes, you were wrongfully arrested; but if you resisted and caused issue with the police, then you can still get in trouble for that, in some cases. So, even if you are wrongfully being arrested, go peacefully and willingly. At the first chance you are able to, contact a lawyer and your most trusted friends and family to help get the situation resolved.

For anyone who is ever arrested, Huntington Beach Bail Bond Store offer affordable bail bond services to those who are granted bail, anywhere in California. Payment plans are personalized according to the client’s needs and situation, and monthly rates are always kept as low as possible. We’re an accessible, friendly company who will be happy to help anyone and everyone who needs a bail bond.

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Keep Up With Bail Bond Payments With Tax Returns

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When you start doing your taxes, you will be asked that in the case you paid excess taxes in the previous year, would you like the balance to be refunded to you or applied to this coming year’s taxes. The pros to either might be obvious:

  • If you choose to be refunded, you will get a check in the mail or to your bank account, and soon you will be in possession of a little extra money for your use.
  • If you choose to have it applied to your next taxes, then you will not have to pay as much in the end.
  • For some people, it may not matter which option they go with, even though they ultimately get to decide. But for others, they might feel inclined to have it refunded to them because they are low on money right now and really can use extra money as soon as possible to pay some necessary dues – such as bail bond payments.

    Remember, it is imperative to not miss a bail bond payment because it will put the bond (and ultimately the defendant’s freedom) in jeopardy. Talk to your La Habra Bail Bond Store agent any time to get updates on payments and other news (but do keep track of them yourself too). Your La Habra Bail Bond Store agent is there to help you through the whole process so you’re not left in the dark. Call 714-648-0586 to speak with a company representative and get your questions answered.

    CA State Laws On Bail Bonds

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    When someone is arrested, they have an arraignment hearing where the judge will determine if he or she is eligible for bail. Then, sometime down the road, that person stands trial for the crime they were arrested for. If they are found guilty, if they are convicted, they are sent to prison to serve their sentence.

    Bail bonds release people, who are eligible for bail and hasn’t yet stood trial, from jail. Bail bonds cannot release convicted criminals from prison. Because bail bonds can get people out of jail and provide some freedom back to them, they are very powerful. Here are some California state laws regarding the bail bond industry:

    • Defendants released by bail bonds are more likely to show up for their court dates, and more likely to stay out of trouble.
    • Most defendants post bail with a bail bond, instead of paying the court out-of-pocket directly.
    • Bail agents cannot refer legal attorneys to defendants.
    • Bail agents cannot accept bribes from defendants.
    • The bail price is determined by a judge who follows a bail schedule, which outlines every crime and the appropriate bail price. A bail agent will generally charge the defendant 10-15% of the bail price for the bail bond service.
    • A defendant cannot pay for their bail bond with “dirty money” which they might have received through fraud or drug dealing, for example.
      Bail agents must carry a current California bail bond license in order to work.
    • The bail agent has the right to withdraw the bail bond if he or she believes the defendant will break the contract. The defendant will be taken back into custody.
    • A bail agent cannot negotiate a lower bail price with the judge.

    There is plenty to understand about bail bonds, especially if you need one for yourself or a loved one. Laguna Woods Bail Bond Store can explain everything you need to know, and will make sure you fully understand everything – it’s important. Learn more by chatting with one of our friendly representatives, or call 714-648-0586. Laguna Woods Bail Bond Store is available 24/7 – contact us immediately!

    Don’t Spend Spring Break In Jail

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    Spring break for colleges is coming up in the next few weeks and already many are planning how they are going to spend that week. Some will be traveling. Some will return home. Most will be consuming alcohol and many may also get their hands on some illegal drugs…

    Basically, spring break is a time students want to relax, party, and not worry about school. The personalities range from the low-key type to the crazy wild one. There’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having fun but there are dangers to it and serious consequences if it gets too out of hand.

    • Not all college students are legally old enough to drink.
    • Illegal drugs are illegal to everyone.
    • Drinking and driving is never a good idea, even if they are under the legal BAC limit.
    • Mixing alcohol and drugs can be life-threatening, as can binge-drinking.
    • People are susceptible to acting out abnormally and erratically when under the influence; for instance, they can hallucinate and do something that gets them killed like run out onto the streets in front of cars.

    So much can go wrong when the partying levels get too high. It’s best to know the limits of yourself and your friends so that you all never meet the hospital, jail, or the mortuary. If you or your friends are arrested over spring break, your life is not over but you will have to reconsider your choices and style of living after bailing out of jail.

    Laguna Niguel Bail Bond Store can help you bail out of jail wherever you are in California. If you are 18 years or older, your arrest will go on record, but you don’t have to face this situation alone. Friends and family can offer support and perhaps even help pay for your bail bond, which will be at its lowest when you go to Laguna Niguel Bail Bond Store. Chat with us online now or call 714-648-0586 to get in touch with an agent as soon as possible!