Best Behavior Practices When Out On Bail

When you post bail, the judge will tell you (and it shouldn’t be a surprise) that you need to be on your best behavior. That means no getting into trouble, no getting re-arrested, making all bail bond payments on time, showing up for all court dates, and obliging to any other court-ordered terms and conditions for release.

Other good behaviors you should practice is performing well at work, being a good parent, child, cousin, friend, etc., and even doing some community service. Whatever you can do to make-up yourselves to others, do it. You will gain their trust again and more importantly their support through this tough time.

The judge is already putting good faith in you for offering you the opportunity to post bail and leave jail. Some defendants do not even get that; some defendants are denied bail. So, don’t let the judge down, don’t let your loved one’s down, don’t let yourself down. Be on your best behavior because you know you are better than your arrest.