A Criminal History Won’t Necessarily Prohibit You From Voting In The Next Election


With the presidential election of 2016 coming up next year (you’re definitely hearing more and more about it in the news), you might be wondering if you or someone in particular would be eligible to vote. The reason you are not sure: because of the existence of a criminal history. Well, having a criminal background won’t immediately stop someone from being allowed to vote, but there are some rules.

Referring only to status within the justice system, a person may vote as long as they:

  • Are not in prison during election
  • Not on parole for the conviction of a felony during election
  • Are mentally competent, as determined by the court

So, looking at this from the other side, a person may not vote if they are imprisoned or on parole during the election. Knowing this, you or a loved one may have a chance to vote in the next election.

Between now and then, if you happen to get into legal trouble, it may affect your eligibility to vote. We hope this doesn’t happen to you or someone you love but if it does, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, Santa Ana Bail Bonds, to get a bail bond so you can leave jail during the time you
are set to stand trial.

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