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Yorba Linda Bail Bond Store is a Yorba Linda-based family-owned company committed to helping people post bail so they can return home to family and friends. We are a trust-worthy, family-oriented company who truly understands the value of a strong relationship and we will put all our energy into making your situation at ease.

We service several areas in the Yorba Linda region alone for Yorba Linda residents in need of an experienced, professional, and friendly company. Our services are the fastest nationwide – you don’t even need to come in to our office! Just give us a call at 714-648-0586 so we can get your claim started immediately.

Yorba Linda Crime 2014

The Yorba Linda Police Department and the Yorba Linda Sheriff’s Department seem to be at odds at the end of 2014 – the former have seen a rise in crime rates in their designated patrol areas, while the latter has seen a decrease in crime rates in their respective designated patrol areas.

For the OCPD, this is reportedly the first time in over 10 years that there was a statistical rise in violent crime. Number adjustments may be due to revised reporting standards and improved record keeping – perhaps previous records have to be revisited and determined if truly accurate.

For the OCSD, crime on property dropped 7%, and homicide dropped 11% in the last year. Over the past 60 months, violent crime dropped over 20%. This trend seems to fall in line nationally, and it will only be a matter of time to see how the passing of the November 2014 Prop. 47 will affect statistical numbers for Yorba Linda crime. Prop 47 is the initiative to reduce certain felony crimes to misdemeanor charges.

One thing is for certain – OCPD and OCSD are working in unison to ensure the overall safety of the Yorba Linda community.

Just give us a call at 714-648-0586 so we can get your claim started immediately.