What Powers A Search Warrant Does And Does Not Have

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A search warrant is a document authorizing the police to search through a person’s property and belongings. In order for the police to obtain a search warrant, they must present to the judge that they have probable cause to believe criminal activity has occurred, is occurring, or will occur in connection to the location and items to be search and the individual to whom they belong to.

The police may only search what is stated in the search warrant. For example, the police may not search a house if the warrant only gives clearance for a detached garage unit; the police may not search for weapons if the warrant specifies clothing. But this is tricky, because if the police come across contraband or evidence during the course of their search even though they were not specifically looking for these items, they can seize it.

If the police come to you without a warrant and want to search your property, your belongs, or you, you have the right to deny them, demanding they cannot do so unless they have a warrant. This is your right – protect yourself.

Warranted searches often lead to an arrest and if that is the case for you or someone you know, wait for the arraignment hearing. Depending on the severity of the crime, it’s likely bail will be offered, at which time a bail bond agent from Santa Ana Bail Bonds will work with you and your loved ones on a personalized payment plan with low monthly rates. This bail bond will get you or your loved one out of jail quickly – just remember to make your payments and show up in court.

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