Your Actions can Inspire Others

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Even if you are the younger sibling or an only child, your actions can inspire others. Even if you do not realize it. Similarly to how you look up to someone and strive to be like them, someone is can be looking up to you. You want them to be happy, successful, and problem-free? Help them see that kind of life by living that way yourself.

Having a life where you follow trouble and trouble follows you is tiring. It is dangerous, time consuming, expensive, and does not produce much positive opportunity for the future. Relationships are broken this way, and people who are in this type of lifestyle find themselves rather lonely and stuck. They believe that there is nothing better for them. At some point, they give up on themselves and it is heartbreaking to see it happen.

We know, however, that if a person works hard enough and is determined enough, they can get out of this lifestyle. Better yet, they can avoid such a lifestyle altogether. It definitely helps to find someone to look up to, who can guide them. Look at this opportunity like this: two people benefit. The first person is the one who looks up to you as a role model. You are teaching them to be a strong, confident, right-minded individual who stays out of trouble. The other person is yourself, as you continue to lead yourself on a path that stays far away from neglecting the law.

If you notice a loved one of yours is struggling and could use a role model in their life, step in and be that person. Never give up on the ones you love most. After all, you would not want them to give up on you, right? Keep offering words of support and encouragement because that never gets old. Hopefully the job for you is easier, rather than harder, and hopefully there will be no troubles along the way. If there are though, if they make a mistake and find themselves arrested, keep showing them your support by contacting us, us so we can help you help them bail out of jail.

What to do if the Cops Pull You Over

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What you do and say to a cop when you are pulled over can have an effect on the outcome of the situation. Anytime you are in the presence of a police officer, especially if they are pulling you over, stopping you, or wanting to question you, it is in your best interest to speak and act, politely and courteously. Though the police are the authoritative figure, you still have certain rights.

If you see a police car following you closely with their sirens blaring and their lights on, they want you to pull over. Do so carefully and safely so you are out of the way of other vehicles and you are not blocking any intersections or driveways. Turn your car off. Getting pulled over does not necessarily mean you did something wrong or you are a suspect. Perhaps they are wanting to let you know that a tail light is out and they will let you off with a warning.

The police officer will approach you on the driver’s side. Roll your window down so they can see you and speak with you. Give them your license and registration when they ask for it, then you should keep your hands on the wheel so they are in sight. If you keep your hands hidden or keep shuffling around a bag, it will look suspicious to the officer and they may worry you have a weapon or are trying to conceal something. If it is dark out, you can turn on the interior light of your car.

The officer may take a peek into your car and look at what is in plain view, but unless they have probable cause against you, they usually cannot conduct a full search. For example, if this was a routine pull-over merely because you ran a red light, but the officer has no other reason or evidence to suspect you committed a crime, they cannot search your car fully unless they ask and you consent to it.

You have the right to ask for the officer’s name and badge number. Many people do not do this because they do not think to do so or they are scared. It is a good idea to do this, regardless if you have a calm interaction with them, just in case. If things got a little out of control and you end up arrested, this information can prove useful to you later on as you try to build a case.

You may ask the officer if you are allowed to leave. Unless they need to arrest you, they will let you go after documenting the information they need. If you end up arrested, get a lawyer to help you out.

Is it a Crime to Witness One, and Not Report it?

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It is a crime to file a false police report, but it is not a crime to witness one, and not report it happen. It might come as a surprise for some people to know that someone is not obligated to report a crime to the police if they have witnessed one or know about one, though it could affect their conscience. Nonetheless, if you witnessed a crime and you do not report it, you would not get in trouble.

The reason most people are not obligated to report a crime if they know about it is because it can be risky. By reporting the crime, they are getting involved. Depending on the situation, it can cost them time, money, and even safety. Their lives can be put into danger if they get involved; they could be threatened by the suspect or those who side with the suspect.

There are people in certain professions who must report crimes they know about or suspect. People who are required to report crimes are those who are health care and medical professionals, psychiatrists, counselors, and educators. For example, if a young child comes to school every day with a new bruise and an unclear explanation of where those bruises came from, the teacher may suspect the kid is being abused at home. If so, they must alert the police to investigate. If they neglect this duty and the well-being of the child, they too can be punished by the law.

Hopefully you are never in that position where you witness a crime or know about it, and question yourself as to whether you should report it to the police or not. Legally, you have no obligation. Morally that is ultimately on you to decide as to whether you can spare getting involved.

When the Police Don’t Need a Search Warrant

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Under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, people are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures conducted by law enforcement. This means that the police cannot conduct a search, or seize anything, unless they either hold a valid search warrant executed by a judge, or the search falls under an exception to the requirement of needing a warrant. Here are instances when a search warrant is not needed:

  • During consented searches, where the individual allowed the police to search and possibly seize items rather than asking the police to come back with a warrant.
  • During inspection searches, like those done at international borders.
  • During an emergency situation where the police have strong evidence that harm or damage can be prevented immediately, or when the police would be able to catch a suspect immediately.
  • During a lawful arrest, and the police look for weapons that can be used against them or they look for evidence that can be destroyed, such as a computer in the process of erasing all of its data, which is pertinent to their arrest and case.
  • During a lawful search and an incriminating item is in plain view.
  • During a stop and frisk search while the person is being temporarily detained.
  • During a vehicle inspection where the police have probable cause that there is evidence in or on the vehicle.
  • The court and the police are supposed to abide by their authority and boundaries in order to conduct lawful searches. If a person denies the police a search, they must come back with a warrant, no questions asked. The police will approach a judge to request a search warrant, and they must prove to the judge that they have probable cause and reason to conduct this search. If approved, the search warrant will list specifically where the police may search, and what items. The officers cannot search any place that is not listed on the warrant, nor may they seize anything not related to the warrant.

    If a person believes they were searched unlawfully, they can consult with a lawyer to figure out if they have a case or not.

    You Will Not Believe These are Actually California Laws

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    It can be hard to believe statements like “men who have mustaches are forbidden from kissing women” and “no driver-less vehicle may exceed 60 miles per hour” are laws in California. They leave you wondering why it is even a law, as absurd as it sounds but believe it. They are written in the law books. These are not the only weird, ridiculous laws California has. California has a whole long list of them. Here are some of our favorites to poke fun at:

    A person who detonates a nuclear device in a city will have to pay a $500 fine. $500, is that it? Nuclear devices can be catastrophically devastating.

    It is illegal for animals to mate in public within 1,500 feet of a church or school. We want to know who gets in trouble if animals are caught mating in public within those boundaries, especially if they are wild animals like 2 squirrels. Are the squirrels arrested?

    In Dana Point, you cannot use your own restroom if the window is open. So, you will just need to hold your breath until you are done with your business before you can open the window to let the bathroom air out a bit.

    In Carmel, a man must not go out in public if he is wearing a jacket and pants that do not match. To make things a little more fair, women cannot wear high heels. The fashion police may serve citations to the men and women who violate these ordinances!

    Sorry kiddos, but you cannot eat ice cream while you are standing on the sidewalk. We guess you will need to get lucky and find a chair inside the shop, or stand in the street!

    There is a long list of other insane laws in California. Unfortunately we too are unsure as to why exactly many these are still laws. Many are not enforced anymore, like telling people they cannot sing Happy Birthday in public because it is copyrighted, but some still are. Plus, you never know how your luck will turn out or how a police officer is. Maybe they will fine a woman for wearing high heels. Either way, it is helpful to be aware of some of these absurd laws, not to mention it can be pretty entertaining to read about.

    Is it Worth Fighting a Traffic Ticket?

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    When you get a traffic ticket for speeding or running a stop sign, you can easily pay it, but you wonder whether it is worth fighting the ticket. You might be able to get it reduced or thrown out altogether. In some cases, it can be worth it to fight. However, it is not always the easiest or fastest thing to deal with. In the long run, you may end up losing more money on wasted time. Before you decide, evaluate the pros and cons, including how disruptive it could be to your daily routine and how much you have to gain or lose financially. You need to look at not only your ticket, but your insurance premiums that could increase due to the ticket.

    You can get out of paying for a traffic ticket if you show up for court, but the officer does not. This results in an automatic win for you because you are being denied the right to question your accuser. If you postpone your court date and even choose one close to the holidays, you could be increasing your chances on having a no-show from the officer. Officers tend to schedule all their court appearances on the same days so they can do them all at once. If you can get the date moved, you could be in luck. If you get a date close to a major holiday, there is a chance the officer is off on vacation. The officer also may not show up for court if your ticket is inexpensive and is for a very low-level incident.

    If you get a ticket based on camera footage, the ticket can get dismissed if the court does not have the video or picture. The courthouse may not want to go through the trouble of acquiring that video footage which means you win and do not have to pay the ticket.

    There are other ways to fight a ticket, like getting a lawyer who specializes in traffic cases, but the ones mentioned here are the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to get out of paying for the ticket. These depend on your luck, but there could be a chance that luck is on your side.