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When someone is in need of a bail bond in Santa Ana, Tustin Bail Bond Store is the company you want on your side. Get in touch with a bail agent from Tustin Bail Bond Store now and see what they can do for you. Chat with them online or call 714-648-0586.

Hopefully Jail Is Not a Part of Your Summer Plans

tustin bail bonds

The year may already by half over, but summer is just beginning. We are willing to bet that you have got some travel plans in the works, and most definitely, a lot of partying plans. That is the recipe for a great, memorable summer, and we hope it does turn out that way.

Getting arrested would definitely make it a memorable summer, but we hope it won’t end up being a part of your summer. Trust us, getting arrested might be a cool story, but it is quite a pain to deal with in the present moment. You sit in jail for hours. Then you pay off your bail bond and spend the next few months going in and out of the courtroom. You probably miss some work days, and you definitely miss your freedom and time that could be spent with loved ones. It winds up costing quite a bit. While the bail bond only costs 10% of your full bail amount, you still have to look at attorney fees and smaller paychecks due to less time at work.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, we just ask that you stay safe, responsible, and smart. Do not do anything stupid or get caught up in an argument. You may know how to handle yourself, but you can never know what another person might do.

If you, or a friend, do end up needing a bail bond, Tustin Bail Bond Store will be the right team to help you out. Get an Tustin Bail Bond Store team member on your side by chatting online or calling 714-648-0586

Preparing for When You Need Tustin Bail Bond Store

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At some point, you may need to hire a bail bondsman. As much as you do not want to admit that you think your loved one is going to get arrested someday, you know it is very likely. So, you want to be as prepared as possible.

A bail bondsman will issue a bail bond for your loved one so that he or she can be released from jail. The bail bondsman will charge a premium, a fee for their services, which is 10% of the full bail amount. You will be allowed to pay off the premium over a set period of weeks or months, whatever you and the bail bondsman agree to. You will then need to make sure your loved one shows up for court.

That is the basic information on bail bonds that you need to know. We can go into deeper detail when you are ready to talk one-on-one and get the bail bond processed, or if you just want a consultation, free of charge. We can be reached online or on the phone at 714-648-0586.

Facts About The Bail Bond Industry That You Might Want To Know

tustin bail bonds

Bail bonds always receive negative connotation because it is a concept that releases suspected, not yet convicted or acquitted, individuals from jail. Many people think that those out on bail will simply skip town and ignore court. But they don’t really know the facts about the bail bond industry, do they?

  • Defendants released on bail are more likely to make all their court appearances than defendants released on recognizance (release without a financial payment).
  • Defendants released on bail are less likely to have a bench warrant issued for their re-arrest compared to those released on an unsecured release (recognizance).
  • Knowing that their family and friends are providing financial support for their bail, defendants out on bail are less of a flight risk.
  • The justice system cannot hold all newly arrested people in jail until and during each on of their trials because 1) jails are incredibly overcrowded and there is not enough funding, and 2) that is not proper due process for them, as they have yet to be formally convicted (or acquitted). The bail industry is the right way to balance due process, offering the majority the chance to bail out of jail – unless they had been arrested for a capital crime. The bail industry has proven to keep defendants out of additional trouble and in line with their release terms and conditions.

    If you want to learn more about the bail and bail bond industry, we at Tustin Bail Bonds invite you to call us at 714-648-0586 or chat with us online. And if you need a bail bond, we will be more than happy to get started on paperwork with you so that your loved one can be freed as soon as possible.

    Tips And Tricks For Lowering Your Bail

    tutstin bail bonds

    Bail can cost hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even a million dollars, depending on the crime. A million is unbelieveable but even hundreds – that’s still quite a bit of money that no one ever wants to have to pay. It teters on a seesaw – bail is a consequence to pay, but you get your freedom back. Is it worth paying? Of course it is. You want tips and tricks on how you can get your bail lowered? Well unfortunately, there really are none.

    The judge is very unlikely to change the bail amount after he or she has already set it at. A lawyer cannot lower the bail, a bail bond agent cannot lower the bail. You may request to have it reviewed, but in all likelihood, the bail will remain the same.

    You will have to pay 100% of the full bail amount to the court to secure your freedom. And, 100% of this is refundable as long as you show up for your court appointments and do not get into any more trouble.

    A second option to bailing out of jail, that may or may not be cheaper, depending on your own financial situation, is applying for a bail bond with Tustin Bail Bond Store. You will be paying your bail agent 10-15% of the full bail amount over a set payment plan. While you won’t have to pay the remaining 85-90% of the bail (as long as you go to your court appointments and do not violate any other release terms and conditions), that 10-15% you did pay is not refundable.

    Bail bonds are the more common method to bailing out of jail because for most people, the payment plan for 10-15% is much more ideal than paying 100% immediately.

    If you want to discuss bail bond options for yourself or someone you know, Tustin Bail Bond Store is welcome to chat. Consultations are free and the representatives and agents are very friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable. Bail bond payment plans are flexible so there will definitely be a way to help you out.

    Call us at 714-648-0586; we will not let you down!

    Putting Your Tax Refund Towards A Bail Bond Payment

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    As much as you hate taxes and tax season, perhaps this time of year you might like it because you’ll be receiving a nice tax refund check. With this money, you plan to use it wisely and pay off some payments that cannot be missed: the bail bond for family member.

    Not having a pool of money readily available for a bail bond is not a problem – who prepares themselves to pay for a bail bond? They don’t put aside a percentage of every check into a dedicated “bail bond” jar so that 5 years later, they’ll be ready to suddenly pay for a bail bond. That’s not the situation.

    Still, bail bonds are affordable when you go to Tustin Bail Bond Store and let them help you. Tustin Bail Bond Store will create a customized, low monthly rate payment plan that is fit to your financial needs so that you do not stress too much on making ends meet while also now paying for bail. Yes, you may need to reallocate your spending, but it’s doable, the payments are as low as possible, and now, you’ve got that tax refund to use as well.

    Call us at 714-648-0586; we will not let you down! Your mom and us are your best bets!