When To Get Yourself Some Help

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A person should never have to go through their deepest hardships alone, not matter what the situation is. For many people, this darkest time is when they have been arrested for a crime and thrown in jail. Now, they face trial, an unknown verdict (at this time), and an unknown future.

They can avoid all of this if they know when to get help before it’s too late. They need to get over their fear of asking for help, of admitting to something dishonorable, and being lectured. It’s much better to face this backlash than any that would incur after hitting rock bottom in the jail cell.

There are so many individuals and groups to seek help and advice from: friends, family, coworkers, strangers, therapists, support groups. Some may not be able to do much but others will. Ranging from emotional support to financial support and verbal discussion to physical restraining, the help, in all shapes and sizes, will really benefit in the long run.

It’s going to be a challenging course of action that won’t be without any obstacles. But it’s one that is definitely achievable in overcoming, and it needs to be done with supporters on either side of you and behind you.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds is available to assist in ways that we are able to do so professionally. We can provide bail bonds that will get a person out of jail during their trial time (though again, we hope it doesn’t get that far down the road). Nonetheless, bailing out of jail to return home and refocus is much better than sitting in jail to do it.

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Santa Ana Bail Bonds Stays On Top

santa ana bail bonds

Anything is supposed to get better with age (like wine!) and experience, right? Wrong. As much as we’d like to believe that the more experience someone has in something, anything, the better they’ll be, it’s simply not always true. Unfortunately, some people are incapable of meeting certain standards not only for their own personal expectations, but for those of anyone who needs their services.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds has been in the California bail bond industry for 29 years and compared to other companies, you might be surprised at how well and how fast we’ve grown compared to older companies who have been bailing people out of jail longer. Our family-owned and operated company has offices all throughout california and over 120 bail agents and representatives, each of whom we consider to be family, even if not related by blood. We hold core values like any blood-related family would have and that’s why each client of ours really knows that they are important to us and that we will take care of their needs appropriately.

Because we know and understand all our clients so we, we’re able to meet their needs quickly and execute the bail process accordingly. Other bail bond companies have not been able to meet clients needs as efficiently as us. It’s no wonder why we’re one of the most sought-after bail companies in California, and have less customer complaints than others.

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Use Your Tax Return To Get Ahead On Bail Bond Payments

santa ana bail bonds

From canceling your Netflix subscription to cutting back on dinner outings, when it came to re-budgeting your money so that you pay a bail bond, you thought you had considered it all. But, did you ever think about that tax refund you’re expecting to get anytime now?

Having to pay for a bail bond is not easy; it’s easier than paying for bail directly to court, but nonetheless, the cheaper bail bond method is still not the easiest. Besides, who really ever is prepared to pay for a bail bond?

Re-calculating your spending is the first step to planning how you can afford the bail bond. When your tax refund comes in, plan on using this money towards the bail bond as well. This extra money will help you either catch up on your payments, or get ahead. Ideally you should not allow yourself to fall behind on bail bond payments (and rely on a tax return to catch you up) because you never know when the court will decide to revoke the bail bond. The court and the bail bond company expects their payments on time. By falling behind, they can cancel the bail bond and the defendant will have to be put back into custody. Plus, there could very well be more expensive consequences too.

If you still have questions pertaining to paying for bail bonds, contact Santa Ana Bail Bonds today at 714-648-0586 or by going to to chat with a representative online. Consultations are free and Santa Ana Bail Bonds is available 24/7 so your questions will be answered promptly.

Your Reaction To A Loved One’s Arrest

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There’s no predicting your reaction to hearing that a loved one has been arrested. Depending on the circumstance, the type of person they are, and how close you are to them, your reaction can be anywhere between shocked to angry to not even surprised. This would be your initial reaction. However how you handle the situation from this point forward will be different and can make a huge difference.

No matter how angry and disappointed you are in your loved one’s recent actions, it is of utmost importance that you support them and love them. Keep reminding them of that throughout this whole process. It can be very encouraging to them and will motivate them to be responsible during this and to become a better honest person.

What you can do is contact Santa Ana Bail Bonds to get his or her bail bond process started. It takes a few minutes of your time to come up with a personalized payment plan with the help of your bail agent or representative. Once all the paperwork is signed, we’ll transfer it to the jail for processing and as soon as the jail does that, your loved one can be freed. From here, your loved one will need to continue to show up in court as needed and make all bail bond payments on time.

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How Long Do I Have Until I Can Post Bail?

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As soon as you finish your bail hearing, you are free to post bail as quickly as possible. You cannot post bail anytime before your bail hearing because you will not know what amount you would have to pay.

The judge at the bail hearing will tell you what your bail is. Your bail will be priced around certain factors:

  • The bail schedule that lists prices for different crimes and how serious your crime was
  • If you have a criminal history
  • How dangerous you are to the community and public
  • Your ties to the community
  • Your financial ability to pay bail

Not every crime in the book will be offered bail. The most heinous crimes like murder and kidnapping have no bail allowance. Some criminals who are very dangerous or are a high flight risk may also be denied bail.

But for all others, bail will be priced out. It will very likely be very expensive to pay so you luckily have options. You can try to pay for it by yourself where you’d have to gather all of the money before you’re freed. The benefit to this is that all the money is refunded to you at the end of trial.

The more reasonable alternative method to that though, is hiring a bail bond bail agent. You’d pay the bail agent 10-15% of your bail price over a certain amount of time, and you’d be free out of jail while still making payments. However you will not be refunded. This is generally the fastest way to bail out of jail as well as the most affordable.

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Bail Bond Associated Terms, Defined

santa  ana bail bonds

Before you agree to a bail bond company and their payment plan they set you up on, you’re going to want to know and be very well versed with the following common terms that are associated with bail and bail bonds. By knowing and understanding these following terms, understanding the bail process and how that works will be even easier.

  • Bail Conditions – these are based on the understanding that the defendant is freed and pays bail on time. Conditions will always include the need to show up in court, but can also include travel restrictions, regular check-ins with a law enforcement officer or a bail bail agent, and others. Bail conditions are applied to a bail bond and must be obeyed, or there will be consequences.
  • Premium – this is the term given to the payments you must make to the bail bond company. The company will charge you 10-15% of the full bail amount, and this is called the premium.
  • Surety Bond – this is an agreement made between the defendant, the court, and the bail bail agent. A bail bond falls under the surety bond category in that in order to release a defendant from jail, the defendant will pay the premium to the bail bond company. The bail bond company will support with insurance.
  • Cosigner – also known as a bond indemnitor, this person agrees to take responsibility for the defendant and makes sure they go to their court appointments. They will pledge collateral for security and if they fail, they will have to forfeit payment and collateral.
  • Own Recognizance – some defendants are released from jail without the need of paying for bail. They sign their promise to show up in court. However if they don’t they do face consequences.

These are some of the more common bail bond associated terms but of course, there is more to the list. Your Santa Ana Bail Bonds bail agent will be sure to go over everything you need to know before you agree and sign anything. We’re great to work with and we’re eager to help you out during this stressful time. Rely on us.

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