File Your Tax Return ASAP And Pay For Bail

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Here’s a new reason not to delay your taxes until the very end, like you (and almost everyone else) tends to: you have bail bond payments to make.

The bail bond that you agreed to help pay off has been going smoothly so far. While you do have to make adjustments to your budgets for other items here and there right now, you are still making your bail bond payments on time and in full. That’s perfect – keep it up, don’t fall behind.

A new way to help alleviate a little bit of this stress a bit more is to apply for your tax return as soon as possible so you can receive that money and spend it towards your next bail bond payment. Understandably this is not the most ideal way to use your tax return money, but you are responsible and do realize that it’s best, at this time, to pay off a bail bond payment with it.

If you have any questions regarding your bail bond payments, please connect with your Fullerton Bail Bond Store agent as soon as possible!

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Why You Should Always Read The Fine Print

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How many times have you read, word for word, the terms and conditions of something, anything? How many times have you read the fine print? If you’re like 99% of the world, the answer is probably something along the lines of “never.” We’re all quick to assume that the fine print is the standard information but sometimes there is stuff in there that can be hurtful to you, and when you realize it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Of course, the most concerning would be when it involves your money. For instance, if you’re hiring a bail bondsman to help see you through this situation, you’ll need to sign papers and agree to certain things in writing. Expect there to be “fine print.” As daunting as it is, you’ll want to read through it. There are many bail bond companies who are less stellar than others. These guys will help bail your loved one out, but may do so at a more costly price than they lead you believe. Perhaps they charge a hefty late fee or interest when credit is used instead of cash payment. Yet, they only tell you those are acceptable forms of payment, no mention of the interest.

Some bail companies are really after your money and could care less about their honesty and integrity when it comes to helping people with these big issues. So, please always read the fine print. And if you are confused on anything or have questions, ask them until you understand, or get a fresh set of eyes on the paperwork.

Do research until you find a company worth looking into. When consultations are free, take advantage of them to learn more information. With Irvine Bail Bond Store, consultations are always free and we welcome as many questions until you are confident in our work.

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What Exactly Does A Bail Bond Storeman Do?

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You understand the concept of bail: pay a sum of money to get out of jail during trial. But knowing that you can either pay court directly or pay a bail bondsman, you’re wondering what exactly is the purpose of a bail bondsman? No matter who you pay, you’re still getting out of jail, right? What’s the point of having this third-party middleman?

The bail bondsman is an agent for the surety company. He or she will meet with the defendant and anyone who will be signing on to the bail bond as a cosigner. Cosigners are those who are financially responsible for payments due if the defendant does not appear in court. The agent will work with these members to come up with a payment plan that is acceptable and doable for all.

Over the course of the payment plan period, the bail agent will be paid 10-15% of the full bail amount. Nothing is paid directly to court when an agent is involved. But, this 10-15% is not-refundable, unlike paying court directly with no agent involved. When no bail agent is involved, 100% of the bail is paid to court, but is fully refundable at the end of trial.

The bail agent has the power to revoke the bond at any time. If the defendant does not appear in court, it is up to the bail agent to track him or her down. The bail agent has his or her own reputation and job on the line. The bail agent may also have some fees to pay to the surety company in the case that the defendant is non-compliant with his or her release terms.

There is risk to both methods for bail – with or without the bail agent, though the risks with the bail agent are less.

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What Appears On Your Background Check

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There are two types of people: those with a criminal background, and those without. For those with a criminal background check, you’re probably wondering, nervously, what exactly pops up when someone requests or searches into your history. Here’s some information that might answer your questions.

  • Individuals, partners, corporations, or limited liability companies may request to review your criminal background. This includes employers, banks, and property owners. They first need to receive consent of obtain the records.
  • Only records where there was a conviction will appear on the criminal record. Any arrests or detention that did not result in conviction will not appear.
  • Any records that have been sealed or expunged will not appear.
  • Only records within the last 7 years will appear. Anything that occurred longer before will not appear. However, there may be certain circumstances where older crimes may be necessary.

If an employer learns you have a criminal history, it does not immediately deny you the position. The employer can and likely will ask you questions about your criminal history but if they find you to be very qualified and a good candidate, they will not disregard your application.

Criminal backgrounds do not “destroy” the rest of your life, per se. It will be something that comes up every now and then but plenty of people with criminal history find great success and happiness.

We hope you never get any conviction on your criminal record but if you are ever arrested, we encourage you to bail out of jail with Santa Ana Bail Bonds. Hopefully your trial finds you “not guilty.”

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Don’t Forget About The New Hoverboard Laws

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For them being one of the hottest toys at the moment, it can be easy to forget about (or not realize) the new laws surrounding them. Of course we’re talking about hoverboards, those electrically motorized boards.

Hoverboards gained popularity when athletes and celebrities were seen using them. Quickly, everyone wanted one. Then came all the sudden reports of a number of hoverboards catching fire or exploding. Due to the increasing incidents, hoverboards have been banned from airplanes and have gained more criticism for rider safety and how it may or may not interfere with drivers, cyclists, and foot pedestrians. Yet, there are still so many people who desire to have one.

Now, there are new laws in California that most address the rider’s safety.

  • Only those who are 16 or older may be on a board.
  • Riders must wear a helmet.
  • Riders can only go on streets where the posted speed limit is 35mph or less. However, the rider may not be going any faster than 15 mph.
  • If a bike lane is available, the rider must be in the bike lane.
  • Riders may be punished with a DUI if they are caught under the influence while riding a board.
  • All boards must be accessorized with reflectors and lights for foggy and nighttime visibility.

And because these are laws, there will of course be consequences for any violators: a fine of up to $250.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds can help anyone out who may end up getting arrested for repeat violations – or any other unrelated crime. We provide affordable, low monthly rate bail bonds.

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When Protesters Get Arrested

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Earlier this week, there was a protest in Downtown Los Angeles that resulted in 8 people getting arrested for failing to disperse. Many others were not arrested because they acted more obediently with the police. When a group wants to protest, they certainly have the right to. They have rights, but at the same time, they must also act appropriately within their rights. There are certain things they cannot do that can get them arrested.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California (ACLU), protesters may

  • Hand out flyers
  • Protest on public sidewalks and parks and plazas
  • Chat and sing their message

Protesters may not

  • Hand out obscene or defamatory material
  • Block access to sidewalks or buildings
  • Physically disrupt counter-protests

As with any situation or encounter with the police, protesters must be careful with their words with the police. They’re passionate about what they’re protesting but if it gets out of hand with an officer, they can be arrested. When the police finally order all to disperse, they must do so, or face the possibility of getting arrested and spending time in jail.

Some protests have turned into riots, where damages are done to the city like starting fires and loitering. It gets physical and very much more serious than peaceful protests. In cases like these, many end up arrested and face charges.

Peaceful protesting is the right way to get your message across, and everyone should know that. Destroying property, endangering others, and harming others is not the way to go about the situation.

If you or someone you know is arrested as a result of protesting, Stanton Bail Bond Store can help with bail by providing an affordable bail bond.

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