When Protesters Get Arrested

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Earlier this week, there was a protest in Downtown Los Angeles that resulted in 8 people getting arrested for failing to disperse. Many others were not arrested because they acted more obediently with the police. When a group wants to protest, they certainly have the right to. They have rights, but at the same time, they must also act appropriately within their rights. There are certain things they cannot do that can get them arrested.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California (ACLU), protesters may

  • Hand out flyers
  • Protest on public sidewalks and parks and plazas
  • Chat and sing their message

Protesters may not

  • Hand out obscene or defamatory material
  • Block access to sidewalks or buildings
  • Physically disrupt counter-protests

As with any situation or encounter with the police, protesters must be careful with their words with the police. They’re passionate about what they’re protesting but if it gets out of hand with an officer, they can be arrested. When the police finally order all to disperse, they must do so, or face the possibility of getting arrested and spending time in jail.

Some protests have turned into riots, where damages are done to the city like starting fires and loitering. It gets physical and very much more serious than peaceful protests. In cases like these, many end up arrested and face charges.

Peaceful protesting is the right way to get your message across, and everyone should know that. Destroying property, endangering others, and harming others is not the way to go about the situation.

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Your Tax Return Is Really Going To Your Loved One For Bail

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You may only be in possession of your tax return for a short period of time, but if you quickly turn it around and use it towards your next bail bond payment, you’ll reap the benefits so much more and you won’t regret not being able to use that money for other uses, especially if it means your loved one is another step closer to living out his or her bail release and keeping them out of jail.

It doesn’t matter if your tax return cannot pay an entire bail bond payment. Even if your tax return contributes to only 10% of your next bail bond payment, that’s an extra 10% you don’t have to pull from your Savings account, the same account you’ve been withdrawing from for all those other bail bond payments. Now you’ll have a little extra cash to pay for another bill, or for another textbook, or another bag of groceries.

Knowing that your bail bond payments keeps your loved one out of jail and back at home with family and at work makes paying for bail easy and worth it. Because they mean a great deal to you, the money you are spending on them is worth it. You won’t feel obligated to be paying for their bail because you truly want to help them. You believe they will get through this situation and come out a better, honest individual. This was a true minor mistake that is not their normal character. You are supporting them and once it’s all over, you are confident they’ll repay you somehow, someway.

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A Bail Bond Store Company That Works 24/7

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You might not be surprised that the police arrest some people on New Years Eve. They’ve been drinking too much, got behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have, might’ve been too rowdy in public.

Just because we’re celebrating a new year doesn’t mean everyone gets the night off. The police are working that night, nurses and doctors are working that night, firefighters are working that night – and so are our bail bond agents.

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What You Need To Know About California’s New Gun Laws

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Owning a gun requires a high level of maturity and responsibility. Too much tragedy occurs with the misuse of a gun, one that is in the hands of an unstable person. Now, in California, family members can take more action in preventing their gun-owning loved ones from making an awful mistake, if they have an inkling that something bad can happen.

The new California law allows family members to report to the police if they believe their loved one is dangerous and a threat to others or themselves. If this happens, the police will confiscate the firearms from this individual for a few weeks. During these few weeks, the police will investigate the matter and talk to the suspect to get a clearer reading on them. If they find that the individual does not pose a threat, they will return the firearm. However, if they find evidence or have probable cause that the individual is harmful, they will take further disciplinary action to prevent any tragedy.

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Dealing With Bail and Family

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When someone in the family has been arrested, there is no doubt that there will be tension and stress. The mix of emotions will clutter everyone’s vision for awhile but all should have the same final goal: bail that loved one out of jail and stand together and support one another through this difficult time. You may not agree on everything, but bringing home your loved one will be one thing you all agree on.

How will you pay for bail, and who will be responsible, financially? That is up to you, but Santa Ana Bail Bonds can help your family figure out the most affordable route with one of our flexible payment plans. We charge the minimum 10-15% of the bail that can be paid off over a period of time. There is no interest and no hidden fees. We also offer discounts for qualifying persons.

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We have been helping Californians bail their friends out of jail since 1987. Our agents not only have the yearly training, they have the knowledge and experience passed down from agent to agent. Our bail agents learn from one another, and so they all know how to handle a variety of different scenarios.

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