You Are Taking This Out of Proportion

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Overanalyzing and stressing about a situation is so easy. We psyche ourselves out when one thing goes wrong and we automatically begin to think the worst. This whole negative thought process is even faster and frightening when the thing that goes wrong is you getting arrested. It is pretty hard to see the light in that situation.

You worry about your family and friends and how they will handle the news and take care of themselves. You worry about all the money you lose by spending it on lawyers, fines, hospital bills, and insurance. On top of that, you are missing out on work so you are not getting a paycheck. You worry about how you will survive in jail.

Everyone before you in this situation experienced these worrying thoughts dashing through their mind. The thing is, many before you have managed to handle their situation with grace. They dealt with the hardest moments and now they have their lives back on track. They are happy and successful. Imagine yourself there. To get there, you will need to grow up and handle the situation maturely.

The first order of business is bailing out of jail. You, or someone on your behalf, can contact Dana Point Bail Bond Store, California’s reliable bail bond company.

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What Happens On Social Media Does Not Stay There, It Comes Back for You

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So much good has come from the dominance of social media in our lives: we remain connected with friends and family, we have more ways to access news, and we get involved with important matters. At the same time, quite a bit of bad can come from social media. Sometimes, this bad comes from our decision to post a status update or photos, ones that we do not initially think to be something that can be used against us.

For instance:

You are suspected of shooting someone. The police go back on your Instagram and find a photo, posted quite some time ago, of you with the same gun that was used in the crime. That’s incriminating evidence.

You post a photo of your initials carved into a tree. This tree is in a national park and you forgot that defacing nature in national parks is a crime. You post the photo, and now you are being fined.

You make a joke and post a status update saying you will be hurting someone at work tomorrow. Next thing you know, the police are there and they do not find your joke funny.

A bunch of your friends have posted a really awesome scenic photo. You do the same, finally, but you get caught doing it because in order to get that specific angle, you have to trespass onto private property.

There are plenty of instances of social media leading to someone’s arrest and police and investigators are relying on social media more and more these days to get what they need.

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Tax Returns Can Be Used Towards Bail

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A tax refund is the difference between the taxes that an individual has paid and the taxes that the individual owes. There are times when individuals will need to pay additional taxes in April, but there are also times when individuals receive a tax return from the government. They receive a tax return because they over-paid taxes in the previous year. That means the government will refund the extra money!

This is a pretty sweet deal to anyone, getting some extra money back from the government. This money can be put back into savings or invested, it can be used towards bills or rent, it can be used to buy a few nice things, and it can even be used towards other payments, such as bail bond payments.

Bail bond payments are one of those things that you should never fall behind on because it has some pretty serious consequences for the person the bail bond is for, whether it is yourself or someone you love. For one, the overall situation is bad enough. If you’re paying for a bail bond, it’s because you or your loved one got into serious trouble and arrested. Second, if you fall behind on payments, the court can revoke the bail bond and the person it was for will be taken back into custody.

Using tax refunds towards bail is not uncommon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dana Point Bail Bond Store at 714-648-0586.

Tax Refunds For Bail Bond Store: A Smart Choice

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It should really be a no brainer to use some, if not all, of your tax return money for your loved one’s bail bond payment. If you have officially and formally agreed to be responsible for his or her bail bond payments, you will need to follow up regularly to ensure that all payments are due on time, each time. If you miss a payment, both you and your loved one who is out on bail, will face the consequences. For you, that will mean financial consequences. For your loved one, they could be pulled back into custody.

Tax returns are always a financial relief because it’s extra money that is returned back to you. It’s getting extra cash to spend, instead of dipping into your other funds, which was the original plan. No matter how big or small your tax return is, any amount will help a bail bond payment.

Talk to you Dana Point Bail Bond Store agent. They have extensive experience in working with people in all kinds of financial situations, but helping them successfully pay for the bail bond.

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Do You Know About These New 2016 Laws In California?

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A month into the new year and it doesn’t seem like much has changed, huh? Well, plenty has changed, including a number of new laws that went into effect on the first of January. Have you read up on them? You should keep yourself informed to avoid getting into trouble with the police, even if you truly were not aware of your wrongdoing. Here are some of the major changes:

Search warrants – investigators and police will now need a search warrant for emails, text messages, Internet history, and other digital information.

Exit exams – exit exams for high school seniors have been terminated.

Sex-ed – sex-ed is now a mandatory course for students.

Equal pay – women make arguably less than their male counterparts. The new law works to close this gap. Women are allowed to discuss their salary and inquire about the pay of their coworkers without facing discipline.

Toy guns – toy guns will have to have more distinctive features that will more clearly distinguish them as toys. This would help deter tragic accidents.

DMV voter registration – any Californian who obtains or renews their driver’s license will automatically be registered to vote. They do have an opt-out option.

Obviously, not all new laws will apply to you, but it’s still very much worth reading into the new California laws for your own protection, and that of your family and friends if they do apply. For example, the need of a search warrant for your cell phone. You can protect yourself by knowing the police will need a search warrant. And in the instance your cell phone turns up enough evidence to allow the police to arrest you, do not panic or stress.

Cooperate with the police through the next steps until the judge offers your bail. Then you or someone you know would need to contact us, Dana Point Bail Bond Store, at 714-648-0586 or