A Guide To Understanding Bail In Real Life

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What you watch on television shows are never the full truth and full story. There just isn’t enough time to watch every detail of how bail bonds work because showing that is not as exciting to the viewer as the high speed police chase part of the show. So, to help you understand how bail works in real life, keep reading.

A person is arrested and booked.
At their arraignment hearing, the charges are formally announced and the judge will decide whether the defendant is allowed to post bail or not. If so, the judge will announce the bail price, which is determined by the crime that occurred, whether or not the defendant has a criminal history, and what relationship ties he or she has to the community.
If the defendant is offered bail, he or she has a couple of options to posting it. A) he or she, and anyone on their behalf, can gather up the money of the whole bail price and pay it. After that, he or she will be freed; their bail money is refundable as long as he or she goes to court as ordered. B) he or she, and anyone on their behalf, can hire a bail bond agent. The bail bond agent is paid 10-15% of the whole bail amount over a payment plan. The defendant is released as soon as paperwork is signed. The money paid to the bail bond agent is non-refundable. The defendant will have to also go to court, otherwise they may need to pay the full price.

Because it’s all legal-this and legal-that, the concept of bail and bail bonds just sounds more confusing than it really is. If you have questions, definitely call Santa Ana Bail Bonds at 714-648-0586. Consultations are always free and we’ll provide you with everything you want to know before you decide to sign anything.

California’s Gun Laws And What They Mean To You

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The purpose of gun laws is to regulate the use, sale, and possession of firearms. Each U.S. state may have different gun laws; California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

    In terms of owning and selling guns in California:

  • A person must be at least 18 to purchase a long gun (such as a rifle) and 21 to purchase a handgun.
  • Gun owners must pass a universal background check, which will be reviewed in no less than 10 days after applying for the purchase.
  • Gun owners must also pass a written test.
  • All guns are microstamped – each cartridge is stamped with an identification code so that in case investigators ever need to trace a gun to its owner, they can).
  • Long guns with large-capacity ammunition are prohibited.
  • No one may purchase more than one handgun in one month.
  • Gun sales must be made through licensed dealers. Private sales such as through relatives or friends is prohibited.

Gun laws change frequently and new ones are constantly being proposed and perhaps passed. These are the new gun laws for this year:
Family members may obtain a 3 week “restraining order” on a relative who owns a gun, and is displaying behavior that he or she intends to use it with harm. During these 3 weeks, investigators will probe the individual and the situation.
Makers of toy guns must now include more distinctive markings on the product so that they are more clearly identifiable as toy guns, not real guns.
The ban of guns on school grounds now extends to those who carry permits for concealed guns.

Gun debate is very sensitive but rightfully so. Safety is priority. People with guns must be very well-read on their rights.

If there is ever a need for a bail bond agent for someone who has been arrested (whether it’s related to gun use or not), contact Santa Ana Bail Bonds. We’re fully capable of helping bail anyone out of jail on the terms that they are able to pay off the customized payment plan and the defendant attends court as ordered. Call 714-648-0586 anytime today and we’ll help you out immediately!

How Much Time Do I Have To Post Bail?

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You may post bail anytime after your bail hearing – as long as the judge has granted bail, of course. The time it will take to pay off bail will depend on the route you choose to bail out of jail.

If you wish to pay your bail money directly with court so you have the option of being refunded all that money at the end of your trial, you will need to pay the entire bail before your release.
If you wish to pay a professional bail bond company to bail you out of jail with a bail bond, you will be paying less, but you will not be refunded anything. You would pay only 10-15% of the bail amount to the bail bond company over a period of weeks or months. In addition, you would be released from jail as soon as the legal agreement forms are signed and processed, meaning you’d be making your payments after your release.

There are definitely pros and cons to both ways to bail. One is not necessarily “better” than the other in the eyes of the justice system. One would only be “better” to you in regards to your financial situation.

Making the decision isn’t going to be an easy one because yes, it’s confusing and stressful. You can get a free consultation from Santa Ana Bail Bonds by calling 714-648-0586. A representative will go over everything you need to know, answer all questions you may have, and help you decide if a bail bond is a better fit for you overall. Just know that we’ve helped people in all sorts of situations and with different levels of income so we certainly wouldn’t turn you away for any reason!

Call us today at 714-648-0586 to learn more to talk to an agent or representative, any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Bail Is An Option With Tax Money

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Bail is ridiculously expensive, period. Most people won’t easily have enough money to post bail on their own. Even getting extra money back from the IRS during tax season won’t be enough money to bail out of jail. However, that extra tax return money might be enough to afford a bail bond from Santa Ana Bail Bonds; a bail bond is an alternative method to bailing out of jail, and they only cost 10-15% of the full bail amount.

The cost of bail bonds will be paid on a payment plan, meaning the defendant will be released from jail before the entire 10-15% is paid off. But the main catch that levels this against paying the full bail price directly with the court is that the 10-15% paid to the bail bond company is not refundable at the end of the case, whereas 100% of the bail that is paid directly to court (without the bail bond company as the middle man), is. Both options of bailing out of jail are legal and legitimate – it’s merely a situation matter as to which method you choose to go with.

Of course there’s more to learn about bail and bail bonds, and you can do that by chatting with us online where we can provide you with plenty of information. You can also dial 714-648-0586 to speak directly with them.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Saves Families

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An arrest within a family can very easily tear family members in opposite directions, there is no doubt about that. Some will immediately do what they can to help and support the arrested family member, like paying for bail and getting a lawyer. Others may not want to get involved because it’s time consuming, emotionally draining, and they feel as if they should not be responsible for their family member’s actions.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds can be like a second family to you to aid you in bailing out of jail. We provide personalized, low monthly rate payment plans that fit around the family’s financial needs. Though the bail bond payments are non-refundable at the end of the process, paying for a bail bond is overall more affordable and ideal for most families than paying for bail directly to the court. Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents will be available 24/7 and will walk you through the entire process. They’ll help you as if you were one of their own immediate family members.

With an Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent on your side, paying for bail will be easier and the whole process will be less stressful. Family members will have more time to focus their efforts on other aspects of the overall case and situation and many come out of it more united.

Contact Santa Ana Bail Bonds today at 714-648-0586 for more information on bail bonds.

Bail Bond Store: What You Need To Remember

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A bail bond is a non-refundable payment to a bail agent and company that gets a person out of jail. This person has not yet stood trial; bail bond releases are not allowed for those who have been found guilty and sentenced to prison. Here are common bail bond rules to keep in mind:

  • The bail bond amount is set by the judge based on the crime, the person’s criminal history, and their ties to the community.
    The defendant, or someone on their behalf, must contact the bail agency to discuss the situation and get a bail bond. Bail bond companies will not be the ones to initiate and reach out to the defendant.
  • The bail agent does not have the authority to lower bail, nor can he or she request the judge to re-evaluate the bail amount.
    The defendant is required to show up at all court appointments. If he or she does not, the court forfeits the bail bond. The bail agent will then need to return the defendant to custody.
  • If the defendant failed to show up at court, the bail agent will have to pay off the full bail amount. In order to protect the bail agent though, there is usually a co-signer on the bail bond. The co-signer then, would be responsible for paying, including relinquishing any collateral that was pledged. The co-signer also has rights and can withdraw his or her name from the bail bond at anytime.

Bail bonds are much easier to pay for release than paying 100% of the bail to court. While there are stipulations, they’re still easier to comply with.

To learn more about bail and bail bonds, please contact Santa Ana Bail Bonds at 714-648-0586.