Remain Calm If You Approach a DUI Checkpoint

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Over the 4th of July weekend, you will probably notice an influx of traffic checkpoints. This is because it is a holiday weekend. There will be many travelers, and there will be a lot of partying. Your friends have told you about their checkpoint experiences and have even warned others on social media about where one might be, but maybe you have never been through a DUI checkpoint yourself. Do not worry, you should not be nervous about coming across one.

You will pull over to the side of the road and roll your window down to answer the officer’s questions: Where are you headed tonight? Where are you coming from? How much have you had to drink? Depending on your answers, you may need to blow into a breathalyzer. As long as you are under the legal BAC limit and acting soundly, the officer will let you drive on. However, if you are a bit sloppy and/or blow higher than a 0.08%, you will be briefly detained until you sober up or get someone to pick you up.

DUI checkpoints are standard procedure and put into action in order to keep the roads safer for everyone. Santa Ana Bail Bonds is no stranger to bailing people out of jail, and on holiday weekends like July 4th, we bail a higher than normal number of people out of jail for DUIs compared to other offenses.

We hope we do not have to bail you out this July 4th, but if you do need us, we promise to be there for you, no questions asked. Santa Ana Bail Bonds can be reached online or at 714-834-9030.