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Who wouldn’t want to bail their friend or family member out of jail for free? You can find out if it’s possible by reading through this article, or by calling 714-834-9030.

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The questions is: could you bail a friend or family member out of jail without paying? The answer simply, is no. Every bail bond has a premium that must be paid. You cannot bail someone out of jail without having money to pay for his or her bail. However, it is possible to bail yourself out of jail with delayed payment until you get out.

Let’s say you were recently arrested. You want to get bail out of jail, but there is no one to help you. It is not like you have access to any of your funds when you are behind bars. How do you get out of jail then? Simple, you get a self-bail from Stanton Bail Bond Store.

If you are currently employed, and have good credit, you can qualify for a self-bail from Stanton Bail Bond Store. All you need to do is call in and talk to one of our bail agents. With a self-bail, we will bail you out of jail before you have paid for the bail bond. Once you have been released, you will then have access to your finances once again. You can then either pay the entire premium or make your first payment of your payment plan.

With a self-bail, you are technically released from jail without having paid for the bail bond, but you still need to pay for the bond.

However, this method does allow you to get yourself out of jail without help from friends or family members. If you need to bail someone, either yourself or a loved one, just contact Stanton Bail Bond Store by calling 714-834-9030 or by clicking Chat With Us now.