Major Bail Bond Benefits

santa ana bail bonds

When we think of posting bail, we generally think of the negatives: paying a lot of money to someone else because you or your loved one did something wrong and got caught for it. But there are a number of really incredible and often overlooked benefits to paying for a bail bond, aside from getting a person out of jail.

  • Confidentiality – bail bond agents work in confidentiality so the info is only for the need-to-know.
  • Maintain employment and income – the defendant can return to work and continue to receive income.
  • Attend family gatherings and obligations – the defendant won’t miss out on important family parties and obligations like birthdays, soccer games, and ballet recitals. The same goes for friends.
  • Prepare for trial – this can be done from inside jail, but it’s so much easier when the defendant is out of jail. Plus, the defendant and the lawyer can build a better case and defense.

Plus, if you post bail with a bail bond, instead of cash bail, you’ll save way more money because bail bonds cost only 10% of the full bail amount for cash bail. And this 10% is spread out over a payment plan, unlike cash bail that is paid all at once, up-front, before the defendant is released. And likely in relation then, bail bonds will get a defendant out of jail faster than cash bail since the money for bail bonds isn’t immediately required up-front.

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