How To Be a Real Best Friend

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The title of Best Friend requires that the person share the best stories and memories with another. They have a lot in common, they have secrets and jokes, they almost never fight, they go everywhere together, they have a ton of fun, and when one gets in trouble, the other is right there with them to get the lecture, or to bail them out. There is a lot of glory attached to the title of Best Friend, but at some point, one might have to realize that being a best friend also requires knowing when to put a foot down and stand on the opposing side.

Say for example, Alex loves to drink and have a good time. He is not exactly an alcoholic, he just likes to drink and let loose. The problem is, Alex also tends to drive after a night of drinking. He has never really had a problem with it, but he insists on doing so, even when others suggest he take a cab. Alex does what he wants.

His best friend Riley is growing more concerned these days. Riley realizes they are getting older, they both have serious jobs, beautiful families, and happy lives. Riley has wised up a little faster than Alex. Fed up, Riley realizes he must step on that opposing side of this best friend’s issue. Instead of suggesting Alex call a cab, Riley forcibly confiscates his car keys. They argue and angrily get into a cab together. Alex will get over it the next morning.

We know everyone’s situation will be different; some will be more extreme, some not quite as much. Being the best friend who is able to stand up to the other person for the right reasons is a good thing. Get over the awkwardness, do it for your love for them. Hopefully you can avoid an accident or an arrest.

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