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A lot of people out there think the worst when they find out that a friend or family member has been arrested. They think that they will not be able to help because the bail will be too high. These people clearly do not know about Santa Ana Bail Bonds.

It is true that bail itself can be extremely expensive, but bail bonds are a different story. A bail bond is only 10% of the price of the bail. This means that if your loved one has a $10,000 bail, his or her bail bond would only cost you $1,000. In this scenario, you save $9,000 dollars, but it does not stop there.

On top of greatly reducing the price of your loved one’s bail, bail bonds have another advantage. Unlike paying for a bail, where the full amount has to be paid up front with cash, a bail bond can be paid off with payments over the course of a few years if need be. This means you would only have to pay a small amount to get your loved one out of jail, and then continue to make affordable payments, which your loved one could then help you with.

Bail bonds are clearly the better choice when you need to bail a friend or family member out of jail. You can get the best bail help in California by coming to Santa Ana Bail Bonds. Our bail agents are available to assist you in bailing out your loved one 24/7.

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