Facts About The Bail Bond Industry That You Might Want To Know

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Bail bonds always receive negative connotation because it is a concept that releases suspected, not yet convicted or acquitted, individuals from jail. Many people think that those out on bail will simply skip town and ignore court. But they don’t really know the facts about the bail bond industry, do they?

  • Defendants released on bail are more likely to make all their court appearances than defendants released on recognizance (release without a financial payment).
  • Defendants released on bail are less likely to have a bench warrant issued for their re-arrest compared to those released on an unsecured release (recognizance).
  • Knowing that their family and friends are providing financial support for their bail, defendants out on bail are less of a flight risk.
  • The justice system cannot hold all newly arrested people in jail until and during each on of their trials because 1) jails are incredibly overcrowded and there is not enough funding, and 2) that is not proper due process for them, as they have yet to be formally convicted (or acquitted). The bail industry is the right way to balance due process, offering the majority the chance to bail out of jail – unless they had been arrested for a capital crime. The bail industry has proven to keep defendants out of additional trouble and in line with their release terms and conditions.

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