Do the Research for Yourself

Some bail bond companies like to lie and cheat to make more money. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store is not one of those companies. You can talk to a helpful bail agent by calling 714-834-9030.

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Things are not always what they seem. A lot of bail bonds companies out their claim to be the best or the fastest, but they have no proof to back up such claims. How can you know who to trust? Your best bet is to visit the California Department of Insurance’s (DOI) website. From there, you will be able to see any and all complaints filed against a particular bail agent or bail bond company.

If you were to look up Santa Ana Bail Bond Store on the DOI’s website, you would see that we have no Justified Complaints from our clients. This is because we take care of our clients and treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

A lot of our competitors, on the other hand, have numerous Justified Complaints against them. Some even have more complaints than they do years of being in business. This is because those bail bond companies lie to their clients and try to trick them into so the company gets more money.

One of their favorite tactics is to use hidden fees. They will quote you one price, and then the day after your friend or family member gets back home, they demand that you pay them more money right away. Since you signed a contract with them, you are stuck paying them more money or you risk losing any collateral you might have offered up.

Avoid the hassle and headaches by going to Santa Ana Bail Bond Store. We will never trick you or surprise you with hidden fees.

We are honest and upfront with all of our clients. To talk to one of our amazing bail agents right now, simply call 714-834-9030 or click Chat With Us on our website. Either way, one of our bail agents will be there to assist you in bailing out your loved one.