Bailed Out Once, Bail Out Twice!

santa ana bail bonds

Getting arrested once is nothing to brag about. But getting arrested a second, third, or fourth time is also nothing to brag about. (And for the record, getting arrested 5 times or more – also nothing to brag about). If you’ve been arrested at least once before, then fortunately you are familiar with the whole arraignment and bail process already. But wait – is having a pre-existing criminal record a problem with the bail bond company? It shouldn’t be, unless you were very uncooperative during the first time. Is applying for a bail bond a second time going to be a problem with the bail bond company? It shouldn’t be – it isn’t at Santa Ana Bail Bonds.

If you’ve used a bail bond to get out of jail once before, and made your payments on time and went to court as ordered, then there won’t be any problem in getting a bail bond for yourself a second time. Granted it’s not a position we’d like to see anyone in, but Santa Ana Bail Bonds will be happy to help anyway. You’ve trusted Santa Ana Bail Bonds once before and you can certainly trust us again. Just as the first go-around, you’ll be charged 10-15% of the full bail price and you’ll receive the best payment plan we can come up with for you.

Don’t be ashamed to contact your Santa Ana Bail Bonds agent again for another bail bond. We don’t discriminate and we don’t judge. We bail people out of jail.

Chat with us online now or call us at714-834-9030. We absolutely will not let you down, again!