Avoid These Common Bail Bond Mistakes

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The bail bond process is complicated, yet simplified with Stanton Bail Bond Store, enough where you really don’t want to cause any more unnecessary issues. This would just drone out the process, waste time, possibly delay the defendant’s release, or even jeopardize the activeness of the bail bond. Here are common mistakes that many people make when using bail bonds, and hopefully mistakes that you will avoid:

  • Putting the wrong address of the defendant. It is imperative to supply the bail bond company with the full, correct address of the defendant. A wrong address can jeopardize the bail bond and it makes the person look dishonest too.
  • Traveling while out on bail, but not notifying the bail bond company and court first. Unless court restricts travel, defendants can travel while out on bail still as long as they show up for their court dates. But traveling without notifying the bail bond company first can cause problems.
  • Getting re-arrested while out on bail. There’s really no need for explanation on this one and why getting re-arrested would be a major mistake for the defendant.
  • Poorly treating those who are co-signing your bail bond and helping to pay it off, financially. They hold power in this situation where they can remove their name from the co-signers list or simply not pay the bail bond – you’d be taken back into custody. Don’t take advantage of them, as that would be a disadvantage to you.
  • Really, bail bonds are easy to understand and the guidelines are equally easy and simple to follow. Just speak with an Stanton Bail Bond Store agent to find out for yourself! Chat with a professional online or call 714-834-9030 to get in touch.